Zulfiqar Surgical

Which Ensure Quality

Why to Choose Us

Zulfiqar Surgical is one of the best manufacturer who is active since 2007 located in Industrial City of Pakistan, Sialkot. 

Zulfiqar Surgical have well trained staff and workers and HR department for there management. Our workers are efficient and with their skills our company became able to produce products of best quality

More over Zulfiqar Surgical is enough capable of fulfilling bulk quantity requirements efficiently.

Our Products Catalouge

All the products are of 100% stainless steel.

Beauty Intruments

All beauty instruments i.e. . Manicure Pedicure Kit, Barber scissors, tweezers etc are of best quality.

dental zs instruments

Dental Instruments

All products are available like Mouth Mirror, Explorers, Cotton Forceps, Scaler, Extracting Forceps, Dental Elevator etc.

Surgical Instruments

Forceps, Organ and Tissue Grasping Forceps, Hemostatic Forceps, Bulldog Clamps, Dissecting- and Ligature Forceps. etc.

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